Wacman Origin

Wacman is quite similar to the Pacman game in which Pacman have to safe himself in the maze from ghosts but here as the name Wacman origin also shows the origin word. It means that our Wacman will be enclosed in a specified boundary or origin and cannot escape from that origin. He had to save his life from ghosts and have to eat up all yummy dots to reach up to the next level. Each new level is the different and difficult from the old one and the adventurous goes on.

1. If you want to move Wacman in right direction then use the “right arrow “key from the keyboard. When you will press the right arrow key your Wacman character will start moving in right direction.
2. Same like above if you want to move Wacman in left direction then make the use of “left arrow key”.
3. For moving in up and down direction .make use of the up/down arrow keys.
4. For moving in up direction you can also use” W” and” A” for left movement. Use”S” For down movement and “D” for right side movement.
5. Avoid touching the bastard ghosts who will be moving around to kill you.
6. Eat the yummy balls that will be placed around you.

Made by: ARGH!