Top Tilers

In the Top Tilers game the army of the porks has stolen the best “user defined name “pictures from the internet. It’s your duty to rescue them all by clearing the IO floors of their fortress. In the game they also told about the “DISCLAIMER “which include the message that “Picture search is based on Flicker API and search results are classified as safe by Flicker. We are not responsible if some images may offend players in any way”

Game is quite simple to play; you have to only clear the space to get back the image.
They will ask to customize your adventure! Type your keywords and click search.
1. If you want to move in right direction then use the “right arrow “key from the keyboard. When you will press the right arrow key your character will start moving in right direction and on each step will remove the block which is used to hide the image.
2. Same like above if you want to move character in left direction then make the use of “left arrow key”.
3. For getting bonus or more scores different types of prizes will be appeared and you have to quickly get them. Because a time limit will be applied on them if you will miss them then you will also lose scores.
4. For moving in up and down direction .make use of the up/down arrow keys.
5. One enemy will also be there to stop you in completing your mission but you have to safe yourself from his access.
6. After completing the full round on all the boxes each will be removed and you will get access to your desired image.

Enjoy each level by exploring something new.