Taz Man

They just can’t keep our favorite Looney Tune character in a cage. Taz-Man has escaped once again and he’s starving. Help him get food and some power-meat. Watch out! Bugs, Daffy and Porky are after you!

Eat up all there is and you’ve cleared a stage. Put other Looney Tunes in their place after eating the power-meal. Yes, hell hath no fury like the Taz-Man tornado. When you eat a power meal, Taz-Man starts spinning and no one can face him when he’s spinning. Don’t forget to grab the snacks like French fries and hot dogs that appear in the middle of the maze. They boost your scores.


Eat all the food in the maze and qualify for the next level.


‘↓’ – Move down ‘↑’ – Move up ‘→’ – Move right ‘←’ – Move left

Stay away from other Loony Tunes, they’re after you. Eat all the treats on your way. Gobble up chicken or beef and get super charged!
Taz-Tornado shows no mercy; put Daffy, Bugs and Porky back to the place where they belong when you’re super charged.