Pakman Otto

Pakman Otto is an interesting game in which the player has to collect the images to fight against their enemies. If he will collect images then he will be able to kill his enemies who want to kill him. The environment beautifully designed like an mp of a house which include the bedroom, drawing room, and other setup of the house. Golden colored dots will be placed in the house which you have to collect. Posters will be placed on different sections of the house Pakman have to go around from all the distance or rooms in between the way to posters’ really like the setup of the house and the placement of the things in the rooms. Your enemies will always be behind you. So be quick and safe your life.

Three life chances will be offered on each level .so for the accomplishment of your goal take benefit of these three life chances.

1. If you want to move Pakman in right direction then use the “right arrow “key from the keyboard. When you will press the right arrow key Pakman will start moving in right direction.
2. Same like above if you want to move Pakman Otto in left direction then make the use of “left arrow key”.
3. For moving Pakman in up and down direction .make use of the up/down arrow keys.
4. On each level give will be more interesting and you will get scores on each golden dot and poster.

Have enjoyable experience by playing this amazing game.