Pactris game is about different shapes and the player have to make to adjust them strategically. A frame is designed with colored blocks which gives it an amazing view and in the frame is sealed from three sides and the top side is open .different shapes of blocks start to fall down in the frame and each block shape will be different. You have to adjust them in such a way that they join each other without taking gap between them thus if you will complete the lines without any gap then you will get scores. So the all game is about good management and handling shaped. Make better adjustment of each block. Each next block or shape will come up the previous one. The game is quite interesting to play for each age group person. The main feature of this game is that the player doo not lose his interest during the gaming experience.

1. Here will be a red colored ball shape in the game which will help out you in arranging the shapes and to better adjust them.
2. Use the arrow controls from the keyboard to handle the red colored round shape.
3. When you will press the right or left arrow keys the ball will start moving with each pressing of the key. When you will press right or left arrow key the ball will start pushing the shapes to the desired direction and will join the shapes in between each other.
4. The up arrow key will help the ball to jump in upward direction and to move on the upper block. For jumping back on the ground level or down blocks make use of down arrow key.

Play with blocks and enjoy the game.