Pacos Adventure 2

Description: Pacos adventure 2 is an interesting game and comprises of different levels .here are the options of 1 player: 1 coin and 2 player: 2 coin .Pacos adventure is also same like Pacman game .in this game the Pacos have to eat up the white dots and have to far away from the ghosts .because if the ghosts will touch the Pacos .its life will be finished and the game will be over instantly. So be quick to eat up all the dots. Here will be also big white dots .after eating big dots all the ghosts will be freeze for some time and at that moment you can easily kill the ghost but if you will near when they will come back in their old active colored state then your Pacos can be killed by their attack. So be quick and sharp.

Use “P” to pause or UN pause the game according to your desire.
Use “Q” to quit the game if you want to instantly exit from the game.
Press” L” for low quality on and off state.
Press “M” to mute the sound if you are not in the mood to enjoy the sound s of the game but here is also option to un mute the sound and to enjoy back its music effect during the gaming experience by simply again pressing ”M” from the keyboard.

Use the up/down arrow keys to move the Pacos in up and down around the maze. Same like this make use of left right arrow keys from keyboard to move it in left or right direction to eat up the dots or to protect it from enemies.

Enjoy the icy environment of the Pacos adventure2 game.