Pacman Platform 2

Play this Pac-Man version; it will keep you occupied for hours. It has lots and lots of stuff. You can get training or start the adventure right away. It is also packed with a mini game. Here, instead of dots; you get to eat mushrooms. Eat all of them in the jungle and you clear a level.

In the regular version, you have to eat dots and clear stage but it’s not the maze that Pac-Man is in this time. He’s in the clouds, so bounce around, eat dots and reach the transport board to clear the stage.


Eat mushrooms and dots to clear levels and score points.


Adventure Version
Use keyboard keys; ‘↑’ – Jump up ‘→’ – Move right ‘←’ – Move left
Mini game
Use keyboard keys; ‘↓’ – Move down ‘↑’ – Move up ‘→’ – Move right ‘←’ – Move left