In the Pacllama game there will be a goat and you have to safe it. The game is comprises of different levels. Each level will be more interesting than the old one. There will be other plant enemies who will be behind you and will try to eat up you. You have to save your goat’s life from them and you can also get extra points by eating up dots which will be the food of the goat. Different color of flowers will move around or fly in the environment you have to safe goat from them because if your goat will be touched with them then the life of the Pacllama will be instantly finished. The game is so much interesting and specially designed for kids. But every age type people can easily play this game. More interesting part of the game is the speed and the tricks to move in the maze to protect Pacllama .move her in this way so that the flowers could not touch it and its life continuo. Here will be only 2 life chances in the 1st level of the game.

The game is nearly same like the other maze games in which simply use your keyboard arrow keys to move around in the game. It’s quite simple to play.

1. Use right and left arrow keys to move your Pacllama in forward or backward direction.
2. In the maze here will be different turnarounds and to move in these turn around use up and down arrow keys to move upward in the specified maze.
3. Eat up the dots placed in the maze environment and also eat up dots to get extra points.
4. Be aware from the flowers that will be there to create resistance in your way. You have to safely move Pacllama in the maze and have to finish all dots.

Play and enjoy the amazing game!