Paccoman is interesting but advance game because some advanced things are introduced in this game you get the bonus points as well in this game but you need extra care to play this game. Sometime you touch those things which make your maze shake so you will get nervous after this. In this game your opponents in the shape of men faces which give the game more natural look in this way you will enjoy the real taste of game. You have to save Pacooman to strange things like try to save those things which make your maze more complicated and eat all dots as soon as possible because the time factor is also included in this game you have to pick all dots in the given time. Instructions:
Anybody can easily understand these instructions because it is too much easy and simple.
1. Use the “up arrow” key to move around in up direction in the maze and “down arrow key” to move Paccoman in down direction in the game
2. If you want to move the Paccoman in right direction then use the “right arrow” key to go in right direction.
3. Same like this if you want to take Paccoman in left direction then make the use of “left arrow” key from keyboard thus you will be able to move Paccoman in left direction.
4. Fastly move before the opponent access Paccoman and finish your life. Try to move such places where you feel that this is the save place and try to save yourself those things which make your maze more complicate. Try to eat all dots within the time because if you late to eat the dots your life will be finished. Life will be instantly finished and you will lose the game. So deliberately play the game and win the race against the other characters present in the game who want target the Paccoman life.
Good luck and enjoy your first level!