Pac Xon

Play Pac-Man like never before. You have a great opportunity to show your skills as a constructor. You are supposed to build walls in the area and cover the whole area with blocks. Watch out for ghosts and monster. Red ones will break your blocks while the others are just after you. You can seek refuge in your previously made walls. Be careful as not to step on your walls while constructing them. When you have covered the site with 80% blocks or more, you clear the stage. The stages only get tougher as more weird looking ghosts start appearing in numbers.

Power ups are there to help you. Gobble up a cherry and Pac-Man moves at bullet speed. Grab an ice cream and all the ghosts will turn into statues for a while. Eating bananas will make ghosts move slower and eating the glowing ball will make Pac-Man strong enough to eat the ghosts.


Cover the area with 80% or more with the walls to clear a level.


Use keyboard keys; ‘↓’ – Move down ‘↑’ – Move up ‘→’ – Move right ‘←’ – Move left

Hint: Try to figure out the pattern of ghosts and build your blocks. Eat powers to make your Pac-Man go super-fast, make ghosts and monsters super slow or simply make them into wimps and eat them up!