Pac Trip

Enter into space with Pac-Man. In this Flash version, our favourite video game character eats a strange mushroom and the usual blue and yellow background of maze changes and he finds himself floating in the space. Beware, this version is not easy. You have to kill giant lobsters and bees plus our usual ghosts also make guest appearances. There is not much to eat here for Pac-Man. You are armed with firepower; so destroy the space aliens. When you think you have made your mark by killing some aliens, be prepared for the evil space monsters. They are not easy to defeat. They will throw everything at you but the kitchen sink.

Play the game and count your kills!


Clear levels by defeating space aliens and then defeat evil monster.


‘↓’ – Float down ‘↑’ – Float up ‘→’ – Dash Forward ‘←’ – Dash Backwards

Press space bar for fire power.
(Hint: it’s better to hold space bar as it will engage Pac-Man in auto fire)