Pac Park

In the Pac Park the pack is hungry and want to eat something .there will be yellow dots which will be the food of pack. The game is comprises of five interesting levels. Each level will be more interesting than the old one. There will also enemies who will be behind you and will try to eat up you. You have to save your life from them and you can also get extra points by eating up large colored dots. Different type of things will move around or fly in the park you have to safe Pac from them because if your Pac will touch with them then the life of the Pac will instantly finished. The name of park is joined with the Pac because the maze boundary is set up with green color which gives the natural look to the maze and the ground will also be of the black color. Enjoy the interesting and amazing Pac Park game and have fun by completing each level of the game.

The game is nearly same like the other Pacman games in which simply use your keyboard arrow keys to move around in the game.
1. Use right and left arrow keys to move your Pac in forward or backward direction.
2. In the maze here will be different turnarounds and to move in these turn around use up and down arrow keys to move upward in the specified maze.
3. Eat up the dots placed in the park environment and also eat up green and red big colored food to get extra points.
4. Red and Green colored rounded shapes will move around the maze. These are the dangerous signs for Pac life you have to protect Pac from them.

Play and enjoy the amazing game!