Pac Man Advanced V1

Pacman advanced v1 come with the latest version of old Pacman and also with many advanced features. It is quite same as before but the most amazing option is this that you can also eat up the ghost in advanced Pacman. Here will be red color food and after eating this food you will be able to defeat against the ghost. It is quite easy and interesting game. With the success of old Pacman games now this advanced game is offered. Especially kids can easily play this game .the speed of the Pacman is quite fast then the old one but the ghost is also very active here he will also fastly follow you everywhere in each direction. It will continuously follow you so you have to be fast and have to safe your Pacman from ghost access.

1. Use the arrow keys to control the movement of Pacman across the maze. You have to eat all the food like dots and blocks which will be placed on different places in between the maze.
2. Use the up/down arrow keys to move in and up and down in between the maze and use right /left arrow keys to move in right and left direction or to move forward or backward.
3. The most interesting part of the game is this whenever you will eat the red food then you will be able to eat the ghosts as well. But before doing this you has to safe yourself before escape from the maze otherwise they will come up to you and will eat you.
4. You will have only three life chances in one level so eat up all food and escape from the maze .if you will miss all these three chances then you will lose the game.