Obama Pacman

There are many interesting games available based on different strategies same like this Obama Pacman is a political game in which you have to safe Obama from other characters that are playing the role same as the ghost’s .the game is nearly same as it is in other Pacman games. In this game Obama is chased by other characters .you have to safe Obama and have to cover all the dots which will be placed in the maze. The game depicts the reality of politicians where one who is in power has to face his enemies or other opponent party members and in the presence of their opponents he has to accomplish his goals. Same environment is offered in Obama Pacman game.

The game is quite simple to play and all people of every age group can play it easily without any hurdle.
1. Use the “up arrow” key to move around in up direction in the maze and “down arrow key” to move Obama in down direction in the game
2. If you want to move the Obama in right direction then use the “right arrow” key to go in right direction.
3. Same like this if you want to take Obama in left direction then make the use of “left arrow” key from keyboard thus you will be able to move Obama in left direction.
4. Fastly move before the ghost access Obama and finish your life of Obama. If once the other enemies come near you and touch you then Obama’s life will be instantly finished and you will lose the game. So strategically play the game and win the race against the other characters present in the game who want target the Obama.

Good luck and enjoy the game!