Marleys Maze Mania

The Marleys Maze Mania is like an arcade style game in which the player has to avoid the ghosts which will be there to eat up you or to finish your life instantly so you have to move across the maze. In the maze you have to clear all the dots which will be placed in the maze. There will be cans who will give you extra energy and you will be able to kill the ghosts but only on temporarily basis. You can also get extra life in the game but on one condition, if you will have the 10000 points then you can get extra life to play the game on further stages. You will be trapped in a maze and your objective is to clear the maze before caught by the ghosts.

1. Use “space bar” to pause the game. Thus you have to again press the space bar to get back the game in play state.
2. Use “m” to toggle the game sounds.
3. Use the “w” key to move around in up direction in the maze and “s” down direction in the game
4. If you want to move in right direction then use the “a” key to go in right direction.
5. Same like this if you want to go in left direction then make the use of “f” key from keyboard thus you will be able to move in left direction.
6. Fastly move before the ghost access you and finish your life. If once the ghost come near you and touches you then your life will be instantly finished and you will lose the game. So strategically play the game and win the race against the ghosts.

Good luck and have fun!