Madpac Underwater

DISCOVER the underwater adventures of Pac-Man and help him rescue Mad-Pac.

This time the ghosts have taken Mad-Pac with them under water. PacMan has to swim all the way to rescue his love. You have to be careful underwater as PacMan can’t hold his breath for too long. In a water-maze filled with sea weeds, you have pills instead of dots. You have to eat all the pills before you lose your breath or lose your life if a ghost catches you. Watch out, there are many ghosts after Pac-Man and they know how to swim. You might want to wait for them to go to sleep (yes they sleep a lot) before you make your move out of a tricky situation. You have to avoid rotating iron spiked balls and try not to bump into steel poles; they take away your power very quickly. There are some maze levels that require a key to unlock a door. These keys are protected by very naughty ghosts so watch your step!


Eat up all the pills before you run out of air.


‘↓’ – Swim down ‘↑’ – Swim up ‘→’ – Swim right ‘←’ – Swim left