Step into the mysterious world of Mad-Pac. This flash version will keep your fingers busy until you have successfully rescued Mad-Pac from the ghosts. Pac-Man is in a quest to save his love who has been enslaved by the space ghosts, so eat up all the dots before you run out of energy. Avoid ghosts at all cost; they will suck the energy out of you, leaving you dry, empty and dead.

Many magical potions are placed for you to stun and stop the ghosts, so take advantage of them. As you start clearing levels, difficulty increases, as you’ll be facing; rotating spiked iron balls, they hurt real bad.

Some levels require opening locks with a key which is usually protected by an evil ghost. So play your game skillfully and unlock the doors by stealing keys.


Eat all the dots and clear a level. Save Mad-Pac by clearing all levels.


Use keyboard keys; ‘↓’ – Move down ‘↑’ – Move up ‘→’ – Move right ‘←’ – Move left

Hint: The space ghosts sleep frequently, so you can wait for them to go to sleep when you’re stuck in a tricky situation.