It’s a jungle out there!
Pac-man was having fun in his red sports car with his favorite girl but suddenly the tire burst and they had to stop in the middle of nowhere. The hot girl is feeling disappointed in Pac-Man, so now the task is up to you to find Pac-Man a spare tire. Go into the jungle and eat up dots. ‘Inky’ ‘Pinky’ ‘Blinky’ and ‘Clyde’ are the guards of the jungle, so avoid them. Eat dots and find the tire replacement. You’ll also meet strange characters in the jungle but don’t freak out, they won’t harm you.


Eat all the dots and find the spare tire.


Use keyboard keys; ‘↓’ – Move down ‘↑’ – Move up ‘→’ – Move right ‘←’ – Move left

Hint: One screen isn’t enough for this kind of adventure, so ram into open spaces and you’ll pop out into the other side of the jungle.