Gold Man

Gold man is like a Pacman and Bomber man style game. In this game you have to get the points by getting the things placed on different places. Goldman game is about brave treasure raider, who is crazy about all these things. You have to help him to stay alive and to get more money. You have to collect all items in order to make pass free. At the last when the last item will be picked the door will be opened. Caves are guarded by cruel monsters in this game. They are not smart enough to guard you. But if the monster will catch you then you will lost your life.

1. Press “space bar” to drop the bomb.
2. Use up/down arrow and go up and down and use the left/right arrow keys from the keyboard to move your gold man in left and right direction.
3. There will be some bonuses offered in the game which will assist you during the game like:
4. Fast shoes will provide you fast speed so when it will appear on the screen quickly move and get it fastly before you lost the chance.
5. Watch will you to stop all the monsters and you will be able to control the time according to your desire.
6. If you got golden brick then you will win 50 points.
7. Same like above golden cup will give you 100 points and golden ring will give you 150 points.
8. There will be treasure box so if you got it then you will win 200 points and treasure stone will provide you 250 point.
9. A ruby stone can also help you in attaining 300 points. So don’t miss these options which can help you in attaining highest scores.