Dinner Frenzy

Dinner Frenzy game is specially designed for kids because the game is so simple to play. The Dinner Frenzy is same like the emotion symbol which we mostly use for expressing emotions on internet. In this game the Frenzy have to eat the foods which will include different fruits like orange, banana and the other eatables like burger, eggs etc will also be there to eat. In the start of the game the eatable goods will be start coming from right direction and the player have to move the Frenzy according to the eatable placement on the screen. The basic aim is to bring your Frenzy near to the food so that it could eat easily his dinner. With the passage of time the eatables movement will be fast, so try to make all eatables the dinner for Frenzy before moving it from right to left direction. If once you lose the eatables goods lost you cannot get back them again. The game is all about the speed and time management.

Offered by: Lyubomira Popova,Lliya Kirilov
Music By: Kevin MacLeod
The game is so simple to play for kid’s .it doesn’t need keyboard assistance.
1. Simply play the game by moving cursor on the screen.
2. Move cursor upward to move the Frenzy in upward direction to eat the dinner.
3. If you want to move Frenzy in any direction then move cursor in the up/ down and left/ right sides to move it in any direction accordingly.
4. Time limit will be appliaed to complete the game in limited time duration. So be fast to get highest scores
5. If you will be successful to provide more eatable goods to Frenzy then you will get high scores at the end of the game. So don’t lose your score and enjoy your game.