Crystal Maze

in this game the little girl trapped into the Mystic forest so the player has to help the little girl in eating fruits in the maze. There will be option of wrap zone so whenever the little girl will eat enough food then she can move to the next stage by using this wrap zone option which will be appeared somewhere in the maze. The player has to be careful from the animals of the forest. So safe the little girl from wild animals and there will be only 3 chances to escape from the maze. In order to escape you must have to collect the 10 crystals .each crystal will indicate the path to the next maze. For the appearance of the crystal you have to eat enough food .here will be time limit to access the crystal and at the last crystal will allow you to escape the Mystic forest.

1. Use “space” key to jump over the animals on the way. Different animals will walk around in the maze you have to safe girl from them.
2. You have to eat all the fruits which will be placed in the maze so change you direction to move around in the maze and eat the fruits and get scores against eating fruits...
3. There will also the “magic balls”. If you eat them then you will be able to stun animals.
4. Use the up/down and left/right arrow keys to move the little girl in any direction.
5. There will be lightning holes on the way .every hole will take the little girl to some place in the maze .so if you want to safe little girl from other animals if they are near then use these holes to move on some safe place.