Anti Pacman

The game name is Anti Pacman, which depict that the game is totally contrary to the original Pacman game. In this game you have to control the ghosts rather than the Pacman. With the success of Pacman game now totally opposite game is reproduced by following the opposite rules for playing the Anti Pacman. You have to catch the Pacman before he eats up all the dots in the game. The game is so much exciting and player enjoys a lot during all gaming experience. Some of the rules in the Anti Pacman are different from the original game. In this game if the Pacman will be successful in eating the ghost then that ghost will be disappeared from your screen and you will not get back that ghost again. So if the Pacman will eat up all the ghosts then you will lose the game. For winning the game, safe your ghosts from Pacman access.

The game is so much easy to play for your assistance read the instructions to how to use the controls to play the game properly.
1. Use the “right arrow” key to move the ghost in right direction.
2. Use the “left arrow” key to move the ghost in left direction.
3. “Up” and “down arrows” will be used to move the ghost in up and down direction in the specified area.
4. There will be more than 1 ghost in the game like if the 4 ghost will be present in the game then for selecting any ghost use the number keys from number keypad from the keyboard. Use 1,2,3,4 numbers to select any ghost.
5. Press “P” to pause the game.
6. Use “M” to toggle the music whether in “on” or “off: state.
7. Use “S” to toggle sound effects in on/off state.